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The Festival of Healthy Living at Stancija Guran

The Festival of Healthy Life at Stancija Guran takes place each year since 2014. The festival is a manifestation dedicated to health, spending time with other people and having fun while surrounded by nature that is recommended to everyone who cares about their health, appearance and who, after a hard workweek, wants to relax and enjoy the nature. This event consists of many activities: professional lectures and workshops (motivation workshop, lecture and workshop on essential oils, tea tasting, World Health Day awareness, lecture on gluten and its effects on health, workshops on preparation of gluten-free sweets, tasting and buying local autochthonous products, horseback riding, various games for children and adults and a prize game.

Festival participants can choose a three-day stay with accommodation at Stancija Guran or individual / organized group participation. The festival is organized in association with the Tourist Board and the City of Vodnjan.


Active holiday

Dear guests and visitors,

We have decided to offer you something new, unusual and interesting.

As more and more people are traveling, and unfortunately there are also more and more health problems, there is a need to move to a new form of tourism, which is the health tourism.

We have thought for a long time about the people who have a variety of health problems and can not eat normal food, who therefore deny themselves the travel and have to stay at home.

We thought and came up with something new and good for all of you who have to be on the gluten free diet, or are on a vegetarian diet, or wish to start with a new way of living because of health problems or because you simply want a new lifestyle, full of health and energy - for all you we have prepared very rich menus with completely raw food.

With a rich menu of raw food, we also offer active holidays with biking, horseback riding, quad adventures, boat rides, canoeing, swimming, spa, make-up, walking, nature trips, workshops, lectures, evening entertainment and a lot of other interesting things important for your health.

We are preparing a three-day, five-day and seven-day programs for all ages, all year round.

Please contact us and we will do our best to fulfill all your expectations.


Raw food

Why is raw food more and more popular? What is certain is that the raw, unprocessed foods are the healthiest food, very rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, probiotic microorganisms and (what is most valuable in raw foods) enzymes. Enzymes are destroyed at a temperature greater than 45C. Various books and articles point out that the lack of the enzymes is main cause of many diseases such as those of the digestive system and pancreas, and contributes to the stronger immunity and (of course) weight loss.

Raw food has proven to be very successful in the prevention and improvement of the health of people suffering from various medical problems, even those such as cancer, atherosclerosis, thyroid disorders, allergies and many other.

Food that is treated below 45 C is alkaline in our body, and reduces the acidity in it, and most diseases are actually based on it, because our bodies are too acidic and have a lack of oxygen. Raw food diet balances the pH of the body and enriches it with oxygen. Only greens can turn sunlight into food - it is chlorophyll, which gives our body energy and vitality.

Raw food diet is not a hit or a trend, raw food is a source of health for all of us and it is a lifestyle.

Start living healthy and try all the possible fruits and vegetables...


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